Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our little genius

Julianna is seriously the smartest 1 and a half year old there is. We have a poster of all of the presidents and yesterday is the first time she looked at it. I pointed out President Lincoln a couple of times and now whenever we tell her to show us Lincoln, out of all of the presidents up to Bush, she points to Lincoln. What a genious (says mommy) :) She seems to be growing up so quickly, and surprises me everyday with what she knows!

Here's just a cute picture of her and her daddy from the other day...don't you just want to kiss her?!


  1. Grandma say's yes, I do want to kiss her!!!! She is the smartest in all the land!!

  2. yes i DO want to kiss her! hey, we are coming up to seattle in a couple weeks for 4 days i think. would LOVE to get together with you. will you be around the 29th-ish?