Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh the things she says

Julianna is always saying something that cracks me up so I figured I needed to write some of them down before I forget them. Here goes.
  • "mama, I yuv you"
  • me: "Julianna, are you my girlfriend?" Julianna: "Nope. I'm a crazy chick"
  • "Daddy, don't say that"
  • "Daddy, don't do that"
  • me: "Julianna, do you have a poopy diaper?" Julianna: "Nope. Its just a peepee one" (she says that EVERY time )
  • "Lets be reasonable"
  • "I do not want it. I want a pink one". (when I gave her a gold purse. Since when does she have an opinion about the color of purse she prefers?)
  • "Mommy, I want to hold Jesus" (refering to the little willow tree sculpture of a mom holding a baby)
  • "I'm scared. Mommy will you protect me?"
  • "Oh my gosh. I dropped my juice"
  • "Jesus, help me"
All of this at the ripe old age of 2, which is why these all make me smile. It just amazes me what she retains and what comes out of her mouth. This girl is hilarious!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My baby turns 2!!!!!

Julianna eating her cupcake
Singing happy birthday

Opening a present from a good friend

Birthday lunch at Red Robin with grandma and grandpa, stuffing icecream into her mouth

Julianna is now OFFICIALLY not a baby anymore, which makes me somewhat sad but also so excited for what and who she is developing into. She definately has a mind of her own, and is NOT afraid to speak it. She is such a love when she wants to be and if she thinks mommy is sad or hurt she will walk right up to me, look me in the eyes, and very clearly ask "mommy, are you ok" with the most empathetic little voice you have ever heard. She communicates what she wants or feels very easily which is incredibly nice and helpful when taking care of a toddler. She will tell me that she "loves me with all of her heart", and well, I love her with all of my heart too, as does so many others :) She is such a joy, full of laughter and silliness and we cannot wait for what is next to come!