Thursday, November 25, 2010


All I have to say is I-LOVE-THE-SNOW! I am a bit surprised it came so early this year, but if this is a sign of what our winter has in store for us, I am looking forward to it. The other day Julianna and I were stranded at home, which I must admit, I thought I would go stir crazy, but we had such a great snow day together. We read books, played with her dolls, played with stickers, played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, and made dinner together. I asked her that morning what she wanted to do for the day and jokingly suggested that maybe we should shave our legs and paint our nails to which she promptly replied "mommy, I am not old enough to do that". Of course I know she is not old enough to shave her legs, but the fact that she knows that made me laugh. Here are some pictures of our time in the snow!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy birthday Julianna!

We celebrated Julianna's 3rd birthday this past weekend. I cannot believe that my baby girl is three already. She seems so grown up, and is a smart, funny, silly, beautiful, sweet little girl and believe me, I am proud to be her mama! On her actual birthday, before we came downstairs to eat her heart birthday pancake with whipped cream, she had to put on her crown, clip on earrings, and cinderella necklace. She is very much into to dressing up and princesses. We celebrated Thursday with two of her friends that have birthdays the same week, then again on Friday for her actual birthday, and yet again on Saturday for her little party. Needless to say, she woke up Sunday morning asking if it was her birthday again. She dressed like a princess all three of the days that we celebrated, and even now is wearing a crown:) I love this little princess with all of my heart and I am beginning to understand now when everyone says it goes so fast so I had better enjoy every second. I am enjoying Julianna (and her "princess" ways) so much and I am so proud of who she is becoming. Happy birthday baby girl!

Family picture at her little party

At a princess party with her friends Kaya and Lily and the "real" princess

Eating her birthday breakfast
Singing happy birthday to her

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This was not the first year that Julianna dressed up for halloween, but it was the first year that she was able to go trick-or-treating. She got to go with some of her little friends, and let me tell you...she LOVED the idea of going house to house yelling "trick or treat!" and getting candy in return. In fact, she is enjoying some nerds as we speak. Jeremy decided that he was going to dress up as well, which doesn't surprise me, but was a little embarrassing as he was the only adult dressed up:) Here are a few pictures from the night:

Justus (tiger), Alaina (princess), Julianna (Sleeping Beauty), Ben (Spiderman)
Sleeping Beauty and Creepy the Clown