Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Clause

We went to see Santa Clause this morning for the third time in Julianna's life. The first year she was only about 5 weeks old so she slept through the picture. Last year and this year were about the same as she panicked the minute we tried to put her on Santa's lap. This year it was a family Santa picture so I wasn't able to snap any pictures of my own:) We even tried promising her a Starbucks vanilla milk if she would sit on his lap but she didn't bite. However she still held us to that promise after Santa:) We had some fun walking around the mall afterwards as well. I wonder if she will like Santa next year????

Getting ready for Santa
Family picture

So cute....Daddy and Julianna walking through the mall

Playing at the mall playground

Vanilla milk...obviously quite satisfied:)

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