Sunday, October 16, 2011

Almost 4 and 9 months!

Julianna is well into preschool and having a blast. She is quite a social little thing and I so enjoy watching her interact with other long as she is not crying or bossing them around which tends to happen here and there:). If she is in a new place with children she doesn't know, I have seen her walk up to someone, introduce herself and ask them if they would like to play with her. She is very independent now, wanting to do everything herself. She really is changing from a toddler, to a little girl, and I have to admit that as great as it is to see her be a little more independent, it also makes me sad. Especially when I look back at pictures and see that not so long ago, she still looked so little. She is very impressionable and wants to copy EVERYTHING that Jeremy and I do. We are realizing that now we really have to watch everything we say and do around her, because even if she doesn't look like she is listening or observing, SHE IS:)
Sweet little Everly is just that. S-W-E-E-T. She loves to cuddle, and laughs at anything her sister does. She sucks her thumb, usually when she is tired, which is adorable, but I keep thinking that 3 or 4 years from now it won't be so cute:) She just cut her first tooth and is working on the second one, and even through that, her fussiness only includes an occasional grunt here and there. She is seriously such a joy, and dare I say it, easy baby:) I know things can change, but so far, so good which is making me want a 3rd...Jeremy?????

 Preschool pumpkin farm trip
Julianna and Harper

My little thumb sucker

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  1. Can you believe how old they are?! Lovely blog - and Everly is so cute sucking her thumb :)