Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 5 years old has been a milestone that has seemed so far away for so long. Here we are at 5 years old and it is  crazy!  I have memories from when I was 5. 5 is definitely not a toddler anymore. 5 is when you start kindergarten...elementary school! Julianna is still so little yet she seems so big to me. She is incredibly smart, and funny, and silly, and sensitive, and beautiful, and such a love. She loves her sister (sometimes a little too much). She loves princess anything, barbies, dressing up, click clack shoes as she likes to call them, painting her nails, dessert. This girl is a GIRLY girl!
I am so thankful for my little beauty that God has blessed us with. Happy birthday Julianna!

dressed as snow white...Julianna picked them out
princess snow white
Hawaiian birthday cake....getting ready for Hawaii!
blowing our her birthday candles (dressed as rapunzel)
my big 5 year old!
What a cutie

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  1. your girls are so beautiful! i can't believe you have 5 year old!!! xoxoxo