Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nap Anyone?

Let's be honest. Being a mommy, the blessing that it is, is not always glamorous(to say the least:) ) Some days I am exhausted, don't feel well, low in the patience department, etc. I love my sweet babies to death, but they take ALOT of energy! The other day I was exhausted for some reason, and Everly was napping and Julianna wanted me to play with her outside. She wanted to race me. It's her newest thing. I told her I would and begged the Lord to give me strength to play with Julianna, because I did not know where that energy would come from if it wasn't from Him! In the back of my mind I am always aware that these precious days that my daughter wants to race me, or play with me outside will go quickly so I don't want to pass up on the opportunities to do so. Right after I asked the Lord for energy to do this race:), across the yard, unprovoked, Julianna looks up at me and spreads her arms wide and says "mommy, I love you so much". It melted my heart and definitely made playing with my daughter in that moment, exhaustion and all, worth it. So, we raced and Julianna (of course) beat me, and though I was still tired at least I was able to race with a smile on my face.

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