Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One proud mama

The other night as we were tucking Julianna in for bed I told her that we were going to go to the gym in the morning and she asked if she could bring some money from her piggy bank to give to kids who don't have any money. I of course said yes. In the morning the first thing that she said to me was that she wanted to get money from her piggy bank so she could bring it with her to the gym. I pulled down her piggy bank and she took three dollars from it, although she wanted to take all of the money from it, and put it in her little box to take to the gym. We belong to the YMCA and there are kids who need scholarships for camps and other things, so they do accept donations. Julianna marched in and told the lady that she wanted to give some money to kids who didn't have any. The lady looked to me to make sure that it was ok to take her money, and I assured her that I wasn't going to say no to her, if she had chosen on her own, to do something like this. They were very impressed and took her picture and said that they were going to put it up to show that she was a donor. I know that I am bragging, but this is a proud moment in a mama's life that her 3 year old would think of others and their needs without me prompting her to. Love this girl:)

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  1. what a great girl. thats also a sign of great parents :)