Friday, January 14, 2011

The things she says

I wanted to write about a few of the things that my sweet, innocent, beautiful daughter has figured out in the whole 3 years she has been on this earth, so that I won't forget. I love this little girl with all of my heart and she continually makes me laugh....especially when I am not supposed to. Quite awhile ago we were trying to get out the door and I wanted her to put a jacket on. She clearly did not want to and proceeded to run into the bathroom, slam the door and scream "I am never coming out of here!" Seriously, I have no idea where she learned that from. I haven't done that in years:)
Another thing we have been having some trouble with are words that aren't necessarily bad words, but words you don't want your child repeating over and over. "Poop" has been one of those words and we have explained to her that the only time we say that word is when we are in the bathroom. The other night she started saying "poo" so we reminded her that we can talk about that when we are in the bathroom. She explained to us that she was actually talking about winnie the pooh, (while giggling). She knew full well what she was doing...she was working the system! Jer and I tried to turn our heads and laugh so she wouldn't see us.
Last night Jer asked Julianna to help him clean up her toys so she could go and take a bath. I was upstairs getting the bath ready. She then said to her dad "oh I think I heard mommy call me" (which she did not). She then yelled up the stairs, "What mom? What's that mom!" She was fully trying to get out of cleaning up her toys. Oh my....
This little stinker is only 3 and already she is figuring so many things out, like how to manipulate the system. She knows she is funny as when she says these things she giggles at herself. I am a little worried at what we have in store for us as she gets older since she is clearly one smart cookie!

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